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Volume One - Into the Victorian Age - The dock extension of 1883 . . .

◊ November 1883 - Penarth Dock Extension - 'The extension of the Penarth Dock, which was commenced about two years ago by Mr T. A. Walker, contractor, is now rapidly nearing completion. Yesterday water was let in by means of a six-inch siphon pipe which was passed over the dam between the existing dock and the extension. It is intended to run the water to a height of from 15 to 20 feet at present. The work of removing the dam and the remaining ridge of earthwork will therefore shortly be commenced. the surface will be removed by means of powerful steam cranes and the bottom work, after being loosened by explosives, will be taken away by a large dredger, which is expected shortly to arrive at Penarth.

The extension has an area of 5½ acres, and is about 800 feet in length. Four new coal tipping staiths will be erected, three of which are almost finished, and the basement of the forth has been laid down. Penarth Dock will then have an accommodation of 14 tips, and it is expected that the coal shipments will exceed three millions tons per annum, besides giving additional facilities for discharging import cargoes. This work has so far been carried on most successfully under the superintendence of Mr Parker.

The ceremony of letting in water was performed by Mrs H. O. Fisher, wife of the resident engineer. [. . . of the TVR, Mr. George Fisher] Several ladies and gentlemen were present, for whose accommodation and convenience a platform, covered with red cloth, had been erected. On drawing a lever, the water commenced to pour in, amid the firing of guns and the cheers of the spectators'. - South Wales Daily News [325] [361] 17th November 1883.

The silver plated steel lever handle used by Mrs T. Oaken Fisher to let the first water into the Penarth Dock Extension on 16th November 1883.


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