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Volume Nine - Pre-Victorian to the present day - even more aspects - Swing Bridge Connections : Penarth Dock, River Taff and Glamorganshire Canal . . .

The similarities between all three swing bridges, in terms of function and form, are manyfold and I have formed the opinion that the Penarth Dock bridge was most probably built following the completion of the Cardiff Swing bridge projects in 1866. It is, therefore, highly plausible that the Penarth Dock swing bridge was designed, fabricated and installed under the supervision of Mr. Hawkshaw and Mr. Dobson; being most probably fabricated at the (Gwaun-tre-Oda) Wauntreoda Works of Messrs. C. de Bergue and Company of Whitchurch, Cardiff.

Messrs. C. de Bergue & Company, Manchester and Whitchurch, Cardiff.

An advertisement, OS map and further information about C. de Bergue & Co., of 10, Strand, London with works at Manchester and Cardiff.

Charles Louis Aimė de Bergue founded the Strangeways Iron Works, Manchester in 1857 expanding in 1861 by building a works at Cardiff, entering extensively into bridge-building according to the 1874 Institution of Civil Engineers : Obituaries. [174]

The company also engineered boilers of all descriptions and most approved types, tanks, girders, roofs, iron pit-head framing, &c. according to numerous advertisements in the local press. - South Wales Daily News [325] [361] 28th December 1875.

However, by 1879 the depressed state trade saw the publication of the following article :

Probable Closing of the Wauntreoda Works - 'We regret to hear that Messrs. de Bergue and Co., of Manchester, intend closing their branch establishment known as Wauntreoda Works, near Llandaff, as soon as orders which they have now in hand are completed. The works in question, which have been in operation some 18 years, and comprise plant estimated at £30,000, employ about 100 men in boiler-making, who will, in consequence of the determination of the company, be thrown out of work.


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