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Title: Mr Rees Rees
Post by: Mutant Dock Rat on April 20, 2015, 10:35:23 am
I have been contacted by a lecturer at the School of Welsh at Cardiff University asking about a gentleman who apparently worked at the Penarth Pontoon and Slipway Company around WWI. He asks:-

'I've recently been looking into the life of Rees Rees (18701948), a Welsh-language poet who lived in Grangetown in the early 20c and published several volumes of poetry . One of the most intersting, Rhosynnau Maes y Gad (Battlefield Roses) was published exactly a century ago and is probably the first volume of poetry in Welsh about the First World War.

Rees was employed by the Penarth Pontoon and Ship Repair Co. - I have references to him as a casheer and as commercial manager. He was a Fellow of the Corporation of Registered Accountants.'

Does anyone have a family connection to him or can add to the research please?

Please email or post a reply here - Thank you - Ratty