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« on: September 08, 2014, 10:37:53 am »
I did some research into the use of explosives and I think it unlikely that they were for the pontoon destruction but possibly to remove the ducts between the river Ely and the pumping house.

There was a pumping house situated next to the entrance to the engineering works at the top corner of the dock. Below that there were two culverts which fed water pumped through the centrifugal pumps in the pumping house which had been taken from the river. You can see these clearly in the image

The pipe lines ran under the railway sidings and under the roadway and appeared in the river bank close by the jetty, drawing office and the garages where the company limos were kept.

The explosions were possibly used to remove the ducts or to render them useless and prevent water ingress to the top end of the dock (above the first dam) at Spring tides i.e. when the water level in the river exceeded that of the dock. There were large valves in the pump room but these would have been removed and weighed in for scrap when the pumps and ancillary engines were removed.

Any other ideas? Ratty  . . .