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Help with Research
« on: December 04, 2014, 08:53:17 pm »
Hi all,

As I'm am unable through ill health to spend time at Penarth at present, could it be that anyone has the time and interest to visit the Glamorgan Archives in Cardiff and perhaps the Cardiff and Penarth Libraries to undertake research on my behave and in the interests of this project.

I would welcome assistance and I would happily guide, prioritise and assist with the work as much as I am able from my home here in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Julie and I have lived for the past 30 years or so 1,000 feet up on a hill with a wind farm on the hillside close by the (now closed) Withins Hotel which used to be the highest pub in Yorkshire until they messed up the boundaries and made the Yorkshire Ridings redundant - come the revolution! We are a few miles from Bronte country at Haworth and this is the home of one of the TVR engines rescued from Barry which used to work at Penarth. The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway is famous for its part in the Railway Children film.

I could also do with a few days at the National Archive in Kew and other pertinent records are held at a number of other archives. If you feel you would like to contribute and have a few hours to spare please contact me by email at   or post a message on this forum. Please don't publish personal details - we have a unhelpful personage somewhere out there who feels it fun to post spam on the boards. Many thanks and regards  . . . Ratty . . . AKA  . . . David


The work would entail requesting the records and photographing the documents would be the best. There is usually a small fee for photography which I would be very happy to refund.