Author Topic: A contribution from the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club  (Read 954 times)

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A contribution from the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:44:35 pm »
Jane Hall, the Commodore of the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, kindly forwarded an article which was published some time ago in the CBYC club magazine, Bear Essentials, and was written by the learned historian Alan Thorne.

Most of the historical facts are already included upon the website in the section at but the article includes some new items - see

She did, however, spill the beans about the antics of her ex husband, "he told me years ago that he used to ride through the subway with his “gang” on their bikes and smash the lights in the ceiling, which may explain why it was always dark!" 

Thanks to Jane, for her contribution - thanks to her ex for giving me wet feet on one occasion!

On another note, Martin, my son, has been looking at the finite element analysis which was partially completed on the subway structure some time ago by a young gentleman who is now into his last year at Bristol University studying Aeronautical Engineering at Masters Degree Level. We gave him a headache during his work experience with us in July/August this year! At or company, Rota Design, we work in polymers for our designs and then undertake long term structural verification of the design so when given a material such as cast iron, as the subway was made from,  it is normally a relatively predictable and reliable outcome. We'll have to wait for the stress and deformation under load plots to see how well the structure is designed. Also there is the complication of a cyclical loading i.e. the hydrostatic load from the tide (prior to the barrage) cyclical and variable and that load case over a period of 100 years or so may provide a failure mode related to fatigue at some future date.

Regards  . . . . Ratty