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Pie Eating Contests
« on: December 03, 2017, 05:24:17 pm »
A message sent in February 2017 from a fellow Penarth Dock apprentice:

Hi David,

Do you remember the pie eating competition on Fridays in the Cogan Inn! Harry Winterbottom was the landlord and he collected all the pies left from the week and the record for the most pies eaten was Billy Mure.
There aught to be some kind of apprentice reunion held at the Cogan Inn I think that it would be a fabulous idea to try and arrange it but wouldn't now where to start.

I think that I missed a lot during my apprenticeship having being moved to Hodges in Barry Docks.

Every time I stand on the Waterfront in Barry I think back to the days working on the Dock and all the good times we had there.
Definitely a good time to remember. The area is now full of Flats!  Did we ever think that would be So!

Tony Evans